Supplemental Material

Supplemental material

It is our philosophy that a manuscript should be complete, in the sense that a single document reports the resutls of the experiments, the methods section is included and is complete and accurate in that document, and that all control experiments are included in the Results section.

Consequently, the use of supplemental material in JARO is often not necessary, and is generally discouraged with some exceptions. Only information that is essential to the manuscript should be included in any supplemental material. Acceptable supplemental material includes information about gene sequences, movies, three-dimensional models, large summary tables, and database files that are directly relevant to the manuscript. All such supplemental material must be referenced from the body of the manuscript. When possible, material should be deposited into publicly available and curated databases rather than included in supplemental material (for example, source code for computational models, or gene sequences), and should be referenced as such from the manuscript.

This policy was added in February, 2011, effective immediately.